The Issue


Spirax Sarco was asked by Spa Monopole, a world-famous producer and distributor of bottled mineral water, to visit their site in Belgium to help with the realisation of carbon reduction targets. The customer wanted to modernise their plant processes through investment in carbon reduction and efficiency measures.


During a walk-through audit of the production facilities, Spirax Sarco representatives identified several opportunities for improvements to the heat exchange systems currently employed. One of the recommendations was the installation of a new heat exchange package to replace a standard shell and tube exchanger that was supplying the domestic hot water for a series of shower units.

The Solution


It was highlighted that a New EasiHeat domestic hot water (DHW) package with SIMS® offered the affordable ‘plug and play’ solution that the customer value. The EasiHeat unit could be easily installed on a skid mounted frame, requiring no additional installation space than the existing heat exchanger. The customer was already aware of the quality offered by Spirax Sarco from a Turflow installation in 2005 that had replaced a fault-ridden competitor package. The Turflow unit has been working without fault since installation, giving the customer confidence that packages from Spirax Sarco will produce reliability and results.


The EasiHeat package also had the added benefit of subcooling the condensate and removing the flash steam from the atmospheric condensate vessel, improving the performance of the condensate system and reducing heat loss.

After only a few months of installation, the customer has reported that they are very happy with their new heat exchanger package. The package is not only helping to provide the client with the requirement for carbon reduction but is delivering a significant financial saving compared to the old inefficient system.

The Result


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